When is the best time to send B2B email?

Timing is everything in marketing, especially when it comes to business-to-business world. Sending your B2B emails at the right time of the day can be critical to the overall success of the campaign.

The MarketingSherpa gurus recently tackled the question in an “eye-opening” conversation with Hunter Boyle, Managing Editor at Marketing Experiments.

Boyle recently tested various email send times and discovered some interesting results, including:

  • Emails sent before 9 a.m. dramatically lift clickthrough rates.
  • Early-bird East Coast execs respond to email before their workday officially begins.
  • International marketers should test time-zone segments for international lists.

Visit Marketing Sherpa to listen to the short podcast (less than 10 minutes) with accompanying slides for insight into what Boyle and his researchers learned.


One response to “When is the best time to send B2B email?

  1. Awesome post. I’m going to put this to work in my business immediately. Keep up the good work!

    Jeremy Reeves

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