New study: Media habits of top executives

Senior business executives in the U.S. are mainly concerned about the volatile economy, are heavy users of all types of media and turning more to new media including blogs, podcasts and streaming video as information sources, according to a recent study.

The “Business Elite 2008” study conducted by media research firm Ipsos Mendelsohn, examined the top concerns, media habits and technology usage of top U.S. business executives.

Some key findings of the study:

  • 63% said advertising plays a part in influencing what they buy.
  • 62% said keeping up with technology is important to them.
  • 34% said the Internet is their main source of information for business news, followed by cable TV (24%), national newspapers (21%) and business magazines (18%).
  • Regarding industry news, the top media vehicle was also the Internet (38%), followed by business magazines (30%) and national newspapers (10%).

The survey also explored senior business executives’ technology usage, finding:

  • 63% of the business elite use e-mail, conduct instant messaging or obtain news from a mobile device.
  • 54% receive daily e-mail newsletters or alerts.
  • 51% stream broadband videos on their computers, up from 49% last year.
  • 32% read blogs, up from 31% last year.
  • 54% had purchased a product after seeing an ad on the Internet, followed by TV (42%) and magazines (34%).
  • 50% of top executives had visited a company’s Web site after seeing an ad on the Internet, followed by TV (43%) and magazines (38%).

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