Why should you add a newsletter to your blog?

Every time ProBlogger extraordinaire Darren Rowse writes a post on the importance of having an email newsletter to accompany your blog, he’s bombarded with readers’ questions asking:

  • Isn’t email old fashioned?
  • What about social networking – isn’t that more effective than email newsletters?
  • Isn’t building a ‘list’ as a way of doing online marketing a thing of the past?

Rowse still believes in the importance of newsletters, saying “if I had to name one technology or medium that has had the greatest impact upon building my blogs readership – newsletters would be right up there.”

In a response to all of his readers’ questions and concerns, he wrote a blog post on the subject: 8 Reasons to Add a Newsletter to Your Blog. Here are a few reasons why one of the best in the industry thinks newsletters should accompany blogs:

  • Loyalty. Most people who find your blog will stay for a few minutes, read a little, move on to the next site and are likely never to return. Newsletters “hook” people by giving visitors the option to be reminded to come back to your blog.
  • Trust. Because of the frequency and intimate nature of emails, newsletters allow readers to get to know you on a deeper level. “Not only do emails build relationships and intimacy with your readership – they build trust.”
  • Improved traffic. Rowse has found that on the days he sends out newsletters are some of his best traffic days. He suggests to send out a newsletter for an additional “burst” of traffic to your blog for an upcoming event like a product launch.
  • Community. “Those who subscribe to a newsletter are often among the most loyal and committed members of your blog’s community.” This group has given you permission to contact them and enjoy knowing they’re the first to hear about the latest news from you.

That’s only half of why Rowse thinks everyone with a blog should develop a newsletter along side of it. Head on over to ProBlogger and read the full post on the 8 Reasons to  Add a Newsletter to Your Blog.


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