Fun with links: Communicate like Mr. T, Twitter as a Twool and more

There’s just too much great marketing news out there today to split it up into separate posts, so here’s a quick list of links for you to enjoy:

In the words of Mr. T, Mark at Business is Personal pity the fool (and business) who doesn’t communicate. Mark uses recent personal experiences with his cable company, movie rental store and bank to explain how thinking like the customer can pay off.

Marketing guru Guy Kawasaki explains how to use Twitter as a twool in an awesomely in-depth post today at the Marketing & Strategy Innovation Blog. If you’re looking for more Twitter for business ideas, read this post.

Greg Verdino clears up some commonly cited, but unfounded social media marketing concerns in a post from earlier this week. Find out how B2B marketers are generating and closing leads through digital channels over at

Almost 70 percent of the time customers leave a business it’s because they don’t feel appreciated or valued. Take some advice from a recent post at Compelled to Market and use this holiday season to appreciate everyone who keeps you in business.

How do you clean up a 7-year old list with 2.8 million emails? Sounds like a daunting task, but according to DJ Waldow at Brontoblog, it’s actually quite simple. Read the post to learn how to clean up a messy email list in no time.

2 responses to “Fun with links: Communicate like Mr. T, Twitter as a Twool and more

  1. Thanks for the shout out–I’m glad you enjoyed the article!

    It’s sad, but too often we forget to thank our clients for being our clients. Good, bad or in-between–if it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t still be in business!


  2. Thanks for calling attention to my Mr T post, very much appreciated.

    As Tracy noted, those so-called “pesky” customers are the reason we’re still here. Might as well listen to them:)


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