Time-saving search tool helps manage online reputations

There are lots of search tools out there that help you track what’s being said online about you or your business, but none may be as fun or comprehensive as Addictomatic. (And, who can resist that cute little robot?)

Addictomatic is a one-stop search shop that creates a customized page with all the latest buzz on any topic you have in mind. It brings information from every wonderful source on the web together, on one neat little page.

Addictomatic - Inhale the web

Addictomatic - Inhale the web

It’s like a social media dashboard that delivers the latest information from across the web on one organized page. Even better, after you perform your search, you can personalize the results page by moving the source boxes around. When the page is organized to your liking, bookmark it and return to your personalized results page at a later time.

Addictomatic is a quick and easy way to gather the latest buzz when you only have a minute or two to spare. Spend a few minutes today taking a snapshot of your online reputation with this addictive tool.


One response to “Time-saving search tool helps manage online reputations

  1. Thank you! I hadn’t heard of this before. That is very helpful.

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