Viral marketing videos that spell success

Figuring out how to work video into your company’s marketing mix can be a tough process. When you finally get it right, the outcome can be magical.

This year, the band Weezer teamed up with legendary YouTube stars to promote their latest single, “Pork and Beans.” Weezer managed to create a legendary viral marketing video that will impact on the way you think about your marketing approach.

Watch how Weezer put together pieces of the most viral videos on the web to successfully reach their target audience:

If you’re wondering how to get started integrating video into your marketing mix, read the latest research from Marketing Sherpa in their first-ever “Video Marketing Video Marketing Benchmark Guide: Practical data for driving video results on Internet, mobile, and TV.”

Buying the whole report may be too much to ask out of your budget, but luckily the Sherpas will let you download the eight-page Executive Summary full of research highlights and data charts for free.


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