2009 business-to-business marketing trends

As we start to close out 2008 and enter into some of the toughest economic times our country has seen in decades, researchers are predicting business-to-business marketing in 2009 to be more frugal than ever.

BtoB Magazine recently spoke with marketers, agency executives and industry experts to determine these top 10 trends for 2009:

  1. Doing more with less. Marketing budgets will continue to shrink through 2009 and businesses will have to stretch every marketing dollar available.
  2. Leveraging social marketing. Businesses will continue to build online communities to connect with other businesses and customers with low-cost and free social marketing tools.
  3. Trust and transparency. After listening all year to news about the latest bailouts and bankruptcies, trust in business may be at an all-time low. Companies have started campaigns that will continue through 2009 “with messages focused on trust, confidence and stability.”
  4. Being part of the solution. In the coming year, B-to-B marketers will show how they are a part of the solution to global problems. Being there to help their customers solve problems will be critical to business success.
  5. Deeper analytics and database marketing. With tighter budgets comes more pressure to prove ROI, database marketing and analytics will become key to business survival.
  6. New metrics. To deal with the changing marketplace, marketers are developing metrics that will show how campaign efforts affect customers’ purchase decisions and brand trust.
  7. Video explosion. To go along with social marketing, we will see marketers learn to use video in ad campaigns, microsites, social media releases, e-mail and newsletters.
  8. Green as a business model. Green business efforts are slowly becoming an essential piece to companies’ business models.
  9. Increased global spending. Global marketing efforts will increase next year to reach emerging overseas markets and revenue.
  10. More focused events. More companies are favoring small events that offer targeted, face-to-face events with business contacts because of improved ROI.

Read the full BtoB article.

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