B2B email best practices in 2009

Even with the rise of Web 2.0 communications and social networking, email marketing refuses to take a back seat and remains the most popular online activity for adults. As we enter the new year, top marketers predict that we’re going to see that trend continue.

HR Marketer has learned a lot this year in their marketing efforts in the HR marketplace. Luckily, they decided to share their latest best practices with all of us out here in the B2B marketing world.

But first, HR Marketer reminds us that:

  • Email marketing will become more important in 2009 than ever before, but companies need to focus on relevance.
  • Buyers of HR products and services prefer initial supplier email contact more than phone calls and face-to-face selling.
  • According to HR Marketer’s latest report, most HR suppliers feel that email marketing is the most important marketing and PR tactic out of a list of over 20 activities.

They analyzed what they’ve been doing lately and shared some of these email best practices:

  • Less is more, less is more, less is more. Keep your call to action, HTML visuals and text concise.
  • “Free” is a four-letter word. Never use the word “free” ever in your email copy or subject lines. Instead, use words like “complimentary.”
  • Content is king. Business to business content offers have better lead-generation scores than any other offers. “Give them something that will help them improve their businesses today, whether they buy anything thing from you or not.”
  • Click-thrus vs. open rates. “Just because someone inadvertently opens your campaign doesn’t mean anything.” Move your focus to click-thru rates to gauge the success of your email campaigns.

And, that’s just half of it. Make the trip over to HR Marketer for their full list of email best practices to follow in 2009.

Happy Holidays, see you next week!


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