Improve your online marketing with tips from the cover of Cosmo

For years, magazine publishers have been mixing traditional and new marketing tactics to quickly catch the attention of a distracted audience and convince them to subscribe.

Though the medium may be different, online marketers can still learn a thing or two from their offline counterparts. Recently, Paul Gillin wrote a guest post at HubSpot outlining exactly what businesses can take from the print world and how to apply it to online marketing.

Here are his top five web publishing secrets to learn from the cover of popular women’s magazines:

  1. Get their attention. “Cover stories are everything,” when it comes to the success of each new issue. Choose topics that matter the most to your audience and will have them coming back for more each time you publish.
  2. Make it easy. Women’s magazines are generally broken up by units of single pages and 100-word sound bites. Content is kept in quick and simple segments to snag readers and keep them reading.
  3. Speak to your reader. Don’t be afraid to use words like “I,” “me,” “you,” “our” and “us.” And remember, “People don’t just want information; they want to know how information affects them.”
  4. Show your face. “Humans respond strongly to the faces of other humans.” Whenever possible, include people in your images with lively facial expressions.
  5. Tell a story. People enjoy hearing stories about other people. They’re also the most powerful way to get your message across.

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