2009 marketing trends: Online video

Marketers in the U.S. will be spending more time and money on online video this year than ever before, according to a December survey by PermissionTV. More than two-thirds of survey respondents said they would focus their budgets on online video this year.

Online video tops 2009 marketing trends

Online video tops 2009 marketing trends

Additionally, more than one-half of respondents expect to implement or extend an online video project in the second quarter of 2009.

eMarketer estimates that in the next four years marketers’ spending on online video advertising will reach $4.6 billion, more than seven times the amount spent in 2008.

The reason for the jump in spending – audience. eMarketer projects that more than four out of five Internet users will watch online video ads in 2012, up from the two-thirds of people who did so in 2008.

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4 responses to “2009 marketing trends: Online video

  1. viralmarketingideas

    It is amazing to see a shift in the though process of online marketers. More of the people, which right now are in their middle 30’s, are starting to move into major decision making positions within company’s. Since this age group is leading the computer generation where almost every household had one through the schooling years, it is a much better invest to reach these and other online users as it is becoming the norm to be online to do business in this day in age. Where the big opportunities are now is where to place these videos to assure they are getting to the targets markets that they need to. Anybody have anything to add to this?

    – Jason Verdelli, Internet Marketing Guru

  2. I appreciate the change on the way video ads we view, glad now it’s online. Jason, you got a got question, there are some interesting company who can do the great job for us. for example, you can visit website of adwido.

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  4. Jason Verdelli, Internet Marketing Guru… and grammar moron.

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