B2B marketing priorities for 2009: What are yours?

In cooperation with direct and relationship marketing firm Babcock and Jenkins, MarketingSherpa recently surveyed B2B marketers for firms with “significant” revenue (more than $250 million), asking:

What are your highest marketing priorities for 2009?

They compared selected priorities and the degree of difficulty they attach to each tactic or goal and put it all in a nifty little chart for all of us to enjoy.

B2B marketing priorities for 2009

B2B marketing priorities for 2009

According to survey results, the two highest priorities for business to business marketers in 2009 are “retention marketing plan/tactics” and “marketing analytics.”

The two go hand in hand and can be expected to rise in importance over the course of the recession. Generating new leads will be very difficult and, for many organizations, success will depend on retention. In turn, marketing analytics will identify what they need, want and find useful and be invaluable in retaining and up-selling existing customers.

Even if you don’t have more than $250 million in the bank, we still want to know what you have planned this year.

What’s your top B2B marketing priority for 2009? How difficult do you expect it will be to achieve it?


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