Still confused on how to use Twitter?

In 2009, more marketers will be focusing their online efforts on social media than ever before. With business to business marketers spending up to 20% more on social media than last year, it should be part of your 2009 goals to sign up and get involved.

But many have one big question: “Where do I start?”

Though your business may have a website and blog, there’s dozens of other outlets on the Web just waiting for you to join. Whether you’re looking to get started on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or LinkedIn, the world of social media and networking can be a confusing place.

Luckily, there are some great resources out there to help explain things in the simplest way possible. Sachi and Lee LeFever of Common Craft, create simple instructional videos on a variety of topics ranging from RSS to Wikis.

We’ve shared one of their videos before and think they’re so great at what they do that we want to share some more. Here’s another great video on how to use Twitter, courtesy of Common Craft:

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