A vitamin a day does a business good

We’re all tired of hearing about how bad business is, how bad it’s going to be and how we all wish it could be how it used to, because none of those conversations work to get anything accomplished. My Creative Team agrees:

Don’t just sit there in a funk. The media news may be gloomy but you don’t have to succumb. Be proactive.

They recently put together a new iPaper full of 50 One-A-Day Marketing Vitamins your business can start implementing today.

These are just a few of our favorite marketing ideas:

  • Send handwritten notes to your best customers, thanking them for the part they have played in your success.
  • Solicit customer feedback. Call a customer at random just to thank him for the business he has given you, and ask how his business is going. Then, listen.
  • Gather competitors’ ads and literature to see what they are promoting, and how they are approaching their target market.
  • Find an example of where you knocked it out of the park for a client and then write a case study about it.
  • Conduct a free seminar for your target audience on your area of expertise.

For more great marketing ideas, take a look for yourself:

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