Email marketing impacts more than online sales

Permission-based email marketing campaigns reach further than ecommerce transactions, having a greater impact on offline sales than once thought, according to a new email marketing survey.

The survey, by Epsilon Data Management, found that 67% of those polled said they purchased products offline as a direct result of receiving a commercial email.

The findings also revealed that 57% feel more positive about companies that send them email, and 40% indicated that email correspondence increases the likelihood that they will make a future purchase.

“A majority of people receiving emails sent by companies from which they purchase products/services admitted that their overall impression of the sending company is positively improved because of the email. This telling stat provides direct evidence that companies can develop and foster a positive image with even the most casual of customers by reaching out via email often remember email post-purchase.”

Email also helps to build company-consumer relationships, according to the survey. The number of people who enjoy recieving emails from companies in which they are registered has risen significantly in the past three years.

When asked, “I like receiving email from companies I’ve registered with: even if I don’t always read it, it’s good to know it will be there when I’m ready for it.” 84% of respondents gave a positive answer.

“Email is a vital link between marketer and consumer that can provide companies with rich information about their products and services. Email extends well beyond the boundaries of opens and clicks, and must be optimized and measured as an important part of the overall media mix.”

Read Epsilon’s full email branding study.


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