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Still think you can’t have fun with B2B marketing videos?

So, you still think there’s no way to create fun business-to-business marketing videos? Watch this:

Fun business to business marketing video

Fun business to business marketing video

The xCELLigence from Roche Applied Science “monitors cellular events in real time without the incorporation of labels by measuring electrical impedance across interdigitated micro-electrodes integrated on the bottom of tissue culture E-Plates.”

If a company that technical can create fun B2B marketing videos, so can you.

Fun with B2B marketing videos. Yes, fun.

When you start talking about B2B marketing videos, many people stop listening. In the past, B2B viral videos were cheesy and a mediocre attempt at getting the same kind of attention B2C videos would typically get.

But today, marketers are getting more creative and exploring the opportunities for innovation that video marketing presents. Though it does have its challenges, B2B marketing videos can be successful, effective and even funny.

Recently we came across a set of videos from Vital Smarts that clearly demonstrate how it can be done. Below is just one video to take notes on, but we suggest you check out their full collection for some interesting B2B marketing ideas.

Is your web site a lazy slacker?

Is your company web site lazy? Would it rather slack off and snack on pizza instead of getting some real work done?

I found this video over at the B2B Marketing Blog and thought it would be an entertaining little clip to watch on this fine Friday afternoon.

Have a laugh, but ask yourself if your company’s web site resembles the lazy Baywatch fan in the video. If so, you’ve got some work to do.

Jim Henson’s best business advice

I recently came across this classic Jim Henson clip on the perils of business and thought it would be a great way to finish off the week.

Those at Make the Logo Bigger (where I found this great video) summarized the message perfectly:

“Business > creativity > business > creativity…”

Watch and enjoy …

Reduce ad clutter, improve your image

One-third of online adults will immediately leave a website if it is cluttered with ads. Over 75% of those who remain on cluttered sites pay less attention to the ads there, according to a recent Burst Media report.

Ad clutter – the overcrowding of a web page with advertising units to the point of degrading the web users’ experience.

Through their survey of 4,000 web users, Burst Media found that cluttered websites “not only annoy the audience, they diminish ad effectiveness and ultimately do a disservice to the publisher, advertiser and visitor.”

How much online advertising is too much?

Most people won’t stick around on a web page with anything more than two advertising units. Over half (52.6%) of visitors said they have a low tolerance for any more than two advertising units per page, with another 27.3% of people ready to leave when there is more than one ad per page.

Clutter hurts your brand reputation by creating a negative impact on visitor’s perceptions of your brand. Approximately one in two respondents has a less favorable opinion of an advertiser when their advertising appeared on a cluttered web page.

“One of the main obstacles to getting consumers’ attention online is ad clutter,” said Chuck Moran, VP of Marketing for Burst Media. “It is critical for advertisers to ensure their messages are being placed in a high quality content environment to receive the maximum exposure they deserve, and to preserve their brand’s reputation.”

It’s a continuous struggle to find the right balance of content and advertising on any given website. The best strategy is to find sites with little clutter and take advantage of the perfect combination of Web traffic, according to Jon Gibs, VP, media analytics, Nielsen Online, in a recent MediaPost article.

Gibs suggests to avoid following the myth that the longer the page the more ads it can accommodate, the more time a visitor spends on a page the more ads they can consume, and smaller ads create less visual information.

“A suitable clutter level depends on the comfort level of a specific advertiser, the target audience and online environment. Lower-income households are typically more comfortable with higher levels of clutter, whereas high-income households prefer lower, according to Gibs. “Retail stores consumers visit tend to mirror their online advertising comfort levels,” he said.

Nobody knows your brand better than you. Avoid advertising in cluttered spaces and hang onto your brand image.

Everything you need to know about inbound marketing

Are you frustrated with outbound marketing? The calls, the mail, the threats, the tears …

Get mad, quit wasting your time and tears, and find a way to get the leads to come to you.

It’s all covered in “Oughta Know Inbound Marketing,” the latest creative video out of HubSpot. Whether you’re looking for an inbound marketing solution or are a big fan of Alanis Morissette, you’ll enjoy this video …

Viral marketing videos that spell success

Figuring out how to work video into your company’s marketing mix can be a tough process. When you finally get it right, the outcome can be magical.

This year, the band Weezer teamed up with legendary YouTube stars to promote their latest single, “Pork and Beans.” Weezer managed to create a legendary viral marketing video that will impact on the way you think about your marketing approach.

Watch how Weezer put together pieces of the most viral videos on the web to successfully reach their target audience:

If you’re wondering how to get started integrating video into your marketing mix, read the latest research from Marketing Sherpa in their first-ever “Video Marketing Video Marketing Benchmark Guide: Practical data for driving video results on Internet, mobile, and TV.”

Buying the whole report may be too much to ask out of your budget, but luckily the Sherpas will let you download the eight-page Executive Summary full of research highlights and data charts for free.