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800 numbers in ads more memorable than URLs

New research suggests that by leaving your 800 number out of your marketing and advertising efforts, you could be missing out on some business.

It turns out people have a 45% higher recall of toll-free, vanity 800 phone numbers than they do of many companies’ website addresses, according to the findings of a recent survey conducted by market research firm, Infosurv, Inc..

Recall data also showed that vanity 800 numbers outperform URLs when used in print, outdoor, and broadcast advertising formats.

“As an example of one recall test, a sample radio ad for a fictitious company, Bayside Auto Sales, featured 1-800-NEW-AUTO as the vanity number, and baysideautosales.com as the mock URL. Survey respondents had a 52% higher recall of the vanity number compared with the URL, despite the fact that the URL was an exact match to the company name.”

Even more compelling, those who do remember the web URL of a company often go online to start researching an advertiser’s competition.

“The results suggest that advertisers who use their websites as the exclusive consumer response tool risk losing potential customers right from the start, with about one-fifth of consumers citing ‘research the competition’ as their first step,” said Laura Noonan, VP of Marketing at 800response.

“The higher recall for the phone number over the web address is significant for a business when they look at return on advertising investment. If companies aren’t including a phone number in their ads, then they are losing that valuable direct communication with consumers who are already beyond the research phase and ready to buy,” said Noonan.

If you’ve been thinking about picking up a new vanity 800 number, now you have some data to back your decision.

Does your company have a vanity 800 number? Does it out-perform your URL in advertising and marketing pieces?