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Last-minute corporate gift-giving ideas

We’re only a few short weeks away from the end of the year, but that’s still just enough time to get all of your last-minute holiday giving out the door and in the hands of the people your company values.

Charitable giving is one surefire way to spread goodwill and cheer this holiday season, and may also give a boost to your bottom line. Studies have shown organizations that participate in corporate giving see a “tangible contribution to their company’s bottom line” and a positive impact on corporate revenue.

Help out your favorite cause and spread some goodwill this season with these last minute corporate gift-giving ideas:

  • Don’t give gifts. Instead, give to charity. Last year, Americans spent more in two months on holiday items than they did all year on charitable giving. Donate directly to charity in place of holiday gifts for customers and clients, and let them know about your charitable gift in a greeting card.
  • Hold a charitable event. Harness the spirit of giving in in the office by incorporating charitable causes into your holiday events. Hold a holiday-themed bake sale and give proceeds to charity or hold a canned-food drive for a local homeless shelter.
  • Search and shop, the good way. Tens of thousands of nonprofits have partnered with a new search engine called GoodSearch.com, and online shopping mall GoodShop.com to enable supporters to generate donations by doing something they do everyday – search the Internet or shop online. Feel good about all the time you spend shopping and searching online by using these great new forms of philanthropy.
  • Keep it traditional – send a card. It’s already December and your last chance for company Christmas cards. Sending greeting cards to employees, clients and vendors is a great way to build and nurture relationships. Take a look at this checklist to make sure your last-minute business Christmas card orders come out right.
  • Get rid of leftovers. Did you already send out your holiday cards and have a few left over? Put those leftover business Christmas cards to good use by sending them to injured soldiers, children in the hospital or local seniors. Read this article for a full list of ideas and resources to use those extra cards to help a great cause.

However you choose to give back, remember that corporate philanthropy is not only a way to contribute to your bottom line, but it’s also the right thing to do. Make a difference in your community and use these ideas to give back during the holidays and all throughout the year.

Business holiday cards build customer loyalty

Building customer loyalty is on the top of most businesses’ to-do lists at any given time of the year, but with the current economic slowdown and the approaching holiday season it’s more important than ever.

Connecting with business contacts, customers and clients during the holiday season can help strengthen bonds and forge lasting relationships during times of economic uncertainty.

At the end of the year, business holiday cards are the most popular form of communication between businesses and customers, and customers enjoy and appreciate the connection, according to recent national research by Hallmark Business Expressions, the business-to-business subsidiary of Hallmark Cards Inc..

The findings of its 2008 national consumer attitude survey about holiday greeting cards revealed 78% of respondents receive holiday cards from businesses. Half of those recipients are more likely to do future business with a company that sends holiday greeting cards.

Sending business holiday cards helps create a positive company image and improves customer loyalty. Of survey participants who receive greeting cards, the majority appreciate the gesture and feel it shows the company truly cares about them.

“Nurturing relationships with your existing, loyal customers is cost-effective for businesses because those customers have shown a propensity for your brand. When the customer is considering his next purchase, the business that sent holiday greeting cards will likely benefit,” said Marc Wagenheim, product marketing director for Hallmark Business Expressions.

Business holiday cards can send a smile and a little laughter this holiday season when times may not be as easy as they were in the past. Lighthearted and funny greeting cards may be one way to get a chuckle out of stressed-out customers.

If you’re worried that a humorous holiday card could be viewed as unsympathetic or disrespectful, try looking for cards that are lighthearted, but with a humorous twist. Send a card with some holiday cheer, it may be just what your business contacts need this year.