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What does viral marketing look like?

When mixing marketing and social media you never really know what you’re going to get. The response look like just another drop in the ocean or as overwhelming as a tsunami.

I came across the video below at Jason Keath’s blog, the evolution of media, in a post that compared dancing to viral marketing. How does a dancing man at a concert relate to viral marketing? Well, you’ll just have to watch to find out.

Keath sums it up perfectly in his post:

The lesson? Be remarkable and passionate about what you do. If it is genuine, others will watch, some will join in, and the movement will grow.

Vendor/client relationship in real life, sad but true

It’s something we’ve all have to deal with at one point or another – a not-so-balanced vendor/client relationship. If you’ve ever struggled on either side of the equation, you’ll appreciate the sad but true scenarios played out in the video below. Enjoy!

Jim Henson’s best business advice

I recently came across this classic Jim Henson clip on the perils of business and thought it would be a great way to finish off the week.

Those at Make the Logo Bigger (where I found this great video) summarized the message perfectly:

“Business > creativity > business > creativity…”

Watch and enjoy …

Friday office humor: Fun with sticky notes

Congratulations! It’s been a long and exciting week, but you’ve successfully made it to Friday.

Now all you have to do is keep busy for the rest of the afternoon and you’re home free. This week we discovered a great video demonstrating how to stay busy at the office with a simple package of sticky notes.

Fun at the office with sticky notes, watch and learn:

Training humor: Safety video unveils winning Halloween costume idea

Because it’s Halloween, we would like to share with you one of the most entertaining safety training videos we’ve seen lately. Tokyo’s Ueno Zoo takes their safety training very seriously, so seriously that they will dress up in a rhino costume for the sake of employee education.

Many learn best by doing, but this experiential training may be offering more laughs than lessons learned. Wouldn’t it be great if all workplace emergency training was this much fun? Take a look for yourself …

Friday business humor: Bypassing sales

When a business deal involves selling $40 million of your product, I guess it’s OK to bypass the sales teams. Especially if your name is Dilbert …

Skipping over sales

Skipping over sales

Friday business humor: Office Nerf war

It’s 4:30 p.m. on Friday. What do you do?

Start an office Nerf war, of course!