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Twitter to swim with the big fishes in business marketing

Most of the Twitter users who use it to promote their small business expect their company’s use of the popular microblogging tool to increase during the next six months, according to a recent survey by MarketingProfs.

The informal survey revealed that the practice of using Twitter as a business tool is gaining acceptance as an important piece of social media marketing. According to the MarketingProfs survey, 84% of respondents say their company’s use of Twitter will increase, with 46% saying the increase will be by a “significant” margin.

Twitter as a business tool

Twitter as a business tool

Compared to other social media tools, Twitter ranks second only to company blogs in perceived value. Company blogs and Twitter still rank ahead of LinkedIn and Facebook.

“This data shows that Twitter users, typically early adopters, no longer think of Twitter as just a personal networking tool, but as something that can provide real value for their company or business,” said Ann Handley, chief content officer for MarketingProfs. “Much like Facebook, Twitter is now moving into the business mainstream.” Additional Twitter research from MarketingProfs revealed that Twitter users are primarily motivated by the learning and immediacy components of the application. (MarketingCharts)

Twitter as a business tool

Twitter as a business tool

Stop wasting marketing dollars and start getting creative

To get a clear picture of how much money marketers waste each week all most people have to do is simply take out the trash.

Every week marketers send out thousands upon thousands of pieces of direct mail. If they’re lucky, some will get a quick second look by their recipients before they end up in the garbage or recycling bin. Along with the money, marketers time and effort are also being taken out with the trash.

When most people find direct mail in their inboxes, the immediately classify it as “junk” and quickly dispose of it. To really catch your audience’s attention, you have to find a creative way to get noticed and make people take a second look.

Because we all receive multiple pieces of junk mail daily, it takes a truly creative approach to stand out from the crowd. Will V. at The Better Response Blog recently tacked the issue and shared some ingenious examples of direct marketing that isn’t a waste of money.

Two dollar bill DM campaign, The Better Response Blog

Two dollar bill DM campaign, The Better Response Blog

The first example is of a piece by the Seattle Art Museum to promote the Life Liberty and Pusuit of Happiness exhibit. The marketing piece took the form of a two dollar bill, something most people don’t see everyday. Will admitted he’d likely read it before throwing it away. At least it’s a step up from landing directly in the trash, without so much as a slight glance.

“The point I am trying to make is we should always try to create a piece that no one else is creating. Part of marketing is to stand out and not be typical. Being typical will not catch any attention and is a waste of money. This may be a thought that is always in the back of our minds, but we don’t always factor it into our marketing initiatives,” Will says.

Will showed another good example of a direct mail campaign that not only stood out from the crowd, but was “highly personalized.” As part of a sensory-based direct mail campaign, Proximity London crafted a letter made entirely out of chocolate. Yes, real chocolate.

I don’t know about you, but receiving a chocolate letter in the mail would catch my attention close to 100% of the time. Before I devoured it, you could bet that I would also be spreading the message and showing the piece to everyone in the office.

We’re not expecting you to go out and print your next direct mail piece on chocolate, but if you do just make sure I’m on the mailing list. What we’re saying is that it’s time to start getting really creative with your marketing.

“Do not send out postcards because your competitors are sending out postcards. Send out something you know your competitors will not be sending out. Remember, you are not just competing with your competitors’ pieces, but with the 50 gazillion other pieces who are not even from the same industry,” Will adds.

Ask yourself truthfully if you would stop and read what your company is mailing out. If you think it’s going to land in the trash, it’s time to rethink your idea. Stop wasting your marketing dollars and start grabbing people’s attention.

What creative techniques have you used recently in your marketing to grab your audience’s attention? Or, have you been the recipient of a cool piece of direct marketing? Let us know about it …

Who says B2B videos have to be boring?

There’s been a debate going around recently that business to business marketing has no place in social media. For everyone who questions whether B2B viral videos can be successful, we’ve found another example of how they can.

Since Cisco posted this video on January 29, it has had more than 140,000 views. Find out how you can show your love through Cisco in this funny B2B marketing video:

Mixing social media and B2B, it can be done

Think your B2B products are too technical for social media? Don’t think B2B buyers would participate?

One company is proving that social media and B2B can work together to achieve greatness.

IBM recently found success using social media marketing tools to create buzz around an otherwise “dry” technology product.

The campaign was targeted at a few hundred thousand IT professionals to inform them of their latest product that aids developer collaboration.

They created a character named Mr. Fong, and sent him off into space. Mr. Fong must now try to use every available tool to reconnect with his team.

Users can follow Mr. Fong’s progress via YouTube videos, video email messages, Facebook and MySpace profiles and a Twitter account. The central focus of the campaign is at the website www.connectmrfong.com.

Mixing social media and B2B

Mixing social media and B2B

In the past, IBM’s marketing team would have used a direct mail campaign to target potential customers. Today, the team is using a variety of online tactics in their marketing mix.

IBM has found the video email introduction to the campaign to be one of the most successful tactics. Email open rates are at 20% with 3.4% click-through rates over the past 11 weeks, according to Adweek.

Visit www.connectmrfong.com for ideas on how to leverage the power of social media to promote a seemingly “dry” product of your own.

Using social media for business, Step 1: Find your customers

If you’re a B2B marketer trying to get started with social media, you first have to find your customers, according to the marketers at Hubspot.

Last week Hubspot’s Rick Burnes met with two marketers from BatchBlue Software to find out how they have made social media work for their business.

“The trick is to find out where your customers are and go where your customers are already.”

BatchBlue has found success with Twitter and believe other companies can use the tool to connect with and attract new customers. They explain how they did it, and you can too, in the video below:

Your 2009 content marketing to-do list

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again … content is king. To achieve online success in your organization next year, you will have to learn how to deliver relevant and valuable content to your audience.

“If 2008 was the year social media went mainstream, 2009 should be the year of content marketing, the corporation as media company, the brand as publisher and broadcaster,” according to at Junta42.

He recently put together an awesome content marketing to-do list for 2009 at Junta42 that is more than worthwhile to check out. Here are just a few of our favorite content marketing tactics to include in your plan for next year:

  • Tell the story differently using different media. Don’t just take the print version of a marketing piece and throw it online somewhere. Change the story when your media outlet changes.
  • Tweet. It’s time to get on Twitter. At first it may look and sound pointless, but it’s one of the best ways to connect with anyone and everyone in your industry.
  • Manage your reputation. With simple tools like Google Alerts, you can stay on top of who is saying what about you and your brand. It’s an easy and free way to stay on top of your reputation management.
  • Hire a “Conversation Agent.” Whatever title you choose, put someone in charge of listening to customer conversations through blogs, Google Alerts, and Twitter. Listen to your audience’s needs and deliver as best you can.

Check out the full list of content marketing tactics to add to your plan next year at the Junta42 blog and have a happy New Year.

Time-saving search tool helps manage online reputations

There are lots of search tools out there that help you track what’s being said online about you or your business, but none may be as fun or comprehensive as Addictomatic. (And, who can resist that cute little robot?)

Addictomatic is a one-stop search shop that creates a customized page with all the latest buzz on any topic you have in mind. It brings information from every wonderful source on the web together, on one neat little page.

Addictomatic - Inhale the web

Addictomatic - Inhale the web

It’s like a social media dashboard that delivers the latest information from across the web on one organized page. Even better, after you perform your search, you can personalize the results page by moving the source boxes around. When the page is organized to your liking, bookmark it and return to your personalized results page at a later time.

Addictomatic is a quick and easy way to gather the latest buzz when you only have a minute or two to spare. Spend a few minutes today taking a snapshot of your online reputation with this addictive tool.