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Using Facebook for business free ebook

How to use Facebook for business

How to use Facebook for business

Ellie Mirman of Hubspot created a fantastic new (and free!) ebook on the ins and outs of using Facebook for business.

“The ebook includes everything you need to know to get started using Facebook to reach and engage more potential buyers online.”

What you’ll find inside the free 22-page ebook:

  • How to use Facebook’s ad builder to identify prospects already on the social media network.
  • How to get the best ROI from Facbook ads
  • How to maximize your brand’s exposure to fans and their networks on Facebook
  • How to use Facebook’s built-in analytics to measure visitor engagement

Download the ebook today, it’s more than worth it.

Using facebook to promote your business blog

You may think Facebook is just another social networking site dedicated to young college students, but you may be surprised how Facebook’s demographics are changing.

In the years since it’s creation in 2004, Facebook has become a major meeting place for adults in the working world, according to a new study by O’Reilly Media featured in a recent SHRM article.

O’Reilly Media found that since September 2008, the number of Facebook users between the ages of 35 and 44 increased by 51%; those ages 45-54 grew by 47%, and those 26-34 increased by 26%. More than half of the 140 million Facebook users are out of college.

“With web sites and social networking tools like Facebook, companies now have the ability to be the master of ceremonies and create communities for their customers to join,” Scott Townsend, marketing director with United Linen and Uniform Services, recently told The Examiner-Enterprise.com. “And customers have the opportunity to become a fan of your Facebook page. If you are a small company, you don’t want to reach the whole world; you just want to reach those customers that are jazzed about your business and what it is you have to offer.”

As Facebook continues to attract older professionals, it is becoming one of the best places to promote your business blog or website.

In a recent guest post at ProBlogger, Steve Schwartz, a professional LSAT tutor explained how he has used Facebook to promote his blog and expand his community of readers.

The social network gives his blog readers the opportunity to interact with each other in a way that comments can’t. Facebook’s discussion boards allow users to exchange messages and interact through conversation.

Here’s some of his advice on how to get started:

1. Create a Facebook group. Don’t make the group about your blog directly. Instead, choose a broader topic so people searching on Facebook for a certain topic will feel welcomed to join.

2. Invite your friends. Some of your existing friends may want to join your new group, and some may not. Either way, the invitation will show up on your friends’ news feeds, turning it into a viral marketing mechanism.

3. Tell your blog readers about it. Post a link to your Facebook group in the sidebar of your blog. Write a brief post on your new group for those who didn’t notice the new link. Tell your readers how they will benefit from becoming a member.

4. Join other groups. Look for Facebook groups related to your blog topic. Post messages on their Wall or discussion boards notifying the group’s members of your group and your blog. Spread out the information over a series of posts to make sure you don’t get banned from the group for spamming.

With his efforts, Facebook quickly became one of Steve’s biggest sources of traffic, without having to spend much time on maintenance.

“In order to get more readers, you need to have a presence where they are. For me and for many bloggers these days, our present and future readers spend their time in social networking sites.”

How to use Facebook for business: A lesson in B2B advertising

So, you have a Facebook business page, you’ve connected with friends, created groups and have started to build an online following for your business.

Your next step: Start using Facebook’s pay-per-click (PPC) advertising service.

“It’s an awesome deal,” according to Mike Volpe in a recent post at Hubspot.

The CPM (cost per thousand impressions) for one of Hubspot’s traditional targeted B-to-B advertising run between $25 and $50, while Facebook ads targeted at marketers end up costing about $.50. It works out to be as much as a 99% discount.

Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Below is a great video from Hubspot showing the step-by-step process for setting up your own Facebook ad campaign.

HR buyers use Web first to research products and services

Human resource executives first turn to the Internet when searching for information related to HR products and services, according to the latest survey from HR Marketer.

On Monday HR Marketer released their Internet Research Behavior Survey, part of their ongoing Trends in HR Marketing report series, revealing the latest trends in HR buyer behavior.

The survey focused specifically on “how Internet, Web 2.0 and social network technologies are impacting the purchasing of products and services for HR and employee benefits professionals.”

HR Buyer Behavior Research

HR Buyer Behavior Research

Highlights of the survey include:

  • 64% of HR buyers use the Internet first when researching HR products and services.
  • More than half of HR buyers surveyed use the Internet at least once each week to find HR-related information.
  • Most HR buyers visit several sites to gather information, rather than relying on a single resource.
  • Almost half of those surveyed attend an HR-related webinar at least once each quarter.
  • About two-thirds of HR buyers read at least one white paper or research report each quarter.
  • LinkedIn is the most popular business-related social networking site, followed by Facebook and MySpace.

Visit HR Marketer to download Trends in Human Resource Marketing.

How to use Facebook to promote your business

You built your Facebook business page, now what do you do with it?

Lets first say you’ve made the right decision by joining the social network and creating a page. Facbook business pages are indexed and searchable inside and outside of Facebook’s 100 million users, improving the opportunity that more people will find your business and invest in your product or service.

Now that you have a business page on Facebook, here are some tips for using the network to promote your business:

Create a page that is useful for viewers. Instead of focusing your page on your product or services, give customers the information they need to solve their problems. Whether it’s in the form of white papers, blog posts or interesting discussions, provide customers with engaging content that keeps them coming back.

Make friends and start conversations. Every Facebook page has a News Feed section where actions of each user are chronicled. Whenever someone interacts with your page, that action is listed in their News Feed and on their friends’ feeds. More actions on your part equal more chances to expand your fan base.

Start Facebook groups on the topic of your business. Create groups to allow Facebook friends and customers to discuss topics regarding your business, brand and website. Group moderators can send messages and updates to group members, spreading information quickly across your network.

Promote your Facebook business page. Let everyone in your network know that your Facebook page exists. Write a blog post, alert everyone on your email lists and mention it in your newsletter. The more people in your network who find out about your page, the more friends you can make, and the larger your network becomes.

Decide whether to use paid advertising or not. Facebook offers a few paid advertising options that are targeted and wide reaching. Depending on the size of your advertising budget, businesses can invest in basic or advanced advertising and even create partnerships with Facebook Beacon.

Remember that Facebook is not an email platform. Do not use Facebook messages, invites or notifications to spam people in your network. You can be de-friended just as easily as you were added. Treat people in your Facebook network the same as you would treat any of your other customers.

For detailed information on how to use Facebook as a part of your overall social networking program, check out Facebook expert Mari Smith’s post on How to Create and Promote Your Facebook Fan Page.

Here’s a pat on the back for getting your Facebook business page up and running … now get to work on promoting it.