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Vendor/client relationship in real life, sad but true

It’s something we’ve all have to deal with at one point or another – a not-so-balanced vendor/client relationship. If you’ve ever struggled on either side of the equation, you’ll appreciate the sad but true scenarios played out in the video below. Enjoy!

Great B2B subject lines tell the truth

I know, I know … April Fool’s Day was a week ago, but this was too good to pass up sharing.

Next year when April 1st rolls around, make sure you don’t find yourself in someone’s blog post covering the worst examples of a bad April Fool’s joke and pay attention to the lesson outlined in a recent post from Andrew Lennon at the Daily Anchor.

Lesson one: Don’t use your Facebook status to try to get a rise out of your significant other on April Fool’s day.

You can take a look at the screen shot of an example of this bad April Fool’s joke here. When you joke that you’re worried about “how to break the news” to a boyfriend or girlfriend on Facebook, chances are they’re not going to appreciate it. Even worse, all of your Facebook friends will be embarrassed for you and your bad decision.

Lesson two: If you’re going to joke around with your customers on April Fool’s Day, tell at least a half-truth.

On April 1, Brenthaven sent its customers an email with this subject line: “Today Only! Buy a Brenthaven – Get a FREE CAR!!!”

When customers opened the email, they found out that it wasn’t a joke — they would really receive a free car with their purchase. Unfortunately, they would never be able to get behind the wheel of that car because it was a HotWheels.

If this email was sent out on any day other than April Fool’s, I’m sure there would be an incredible amount of upset customers calling the company and complaining. Since it was the funniest holiday of the year, they got away with it.

The moral of this story: Unless it’s April Fool’s Day, make sure your B2B email subject lines only speak the truth.

Still think you can’t have fun with B2B marketing videos?

So, you still think there’s no way to create fun business-to-business marketing videos? Watch this:

Fun business to business marketing video

Fun business to business marketing video

The xCELLigence from Roche Applied Science “monitors cellular events in real time without the incorporation of labels by measuring electrical impedance across interdigitated micro-electrodes integrated on the bottom of tissue culture E-Plates.”

If a company that technical can create fun B2B marketing videos, so can you.

Friday business humor: Taking Twitter too far

More than one in ten (11%) online adults in the U.S. say they have microblogged, on Twitter or elsewhere, to share personal updates or view updates about others, according to new research from the Pew Internet & American Life Project.

Those who use Twitter are more likely to use other social media. Both blogging and social network use increase the likelihood that a person also uses Twitter, according to the study.

The study also revealed that Twitter users are also heavy consumers of blog content. About 21% of Twitter users read someone else’s blog the day before they participated in the survey and more than half (57%) have ever read a blog.

The research provides just a few more reasons why your B2B organization should be involved in social media and networking. But at what point does using Twitter for business go too far?

Maybe when you find something like this in the office:

Taking Twitter too far

Taking Twitter too far

Jim Henson’s best business advice

I recently came across this classic Jim Henson clip on the perils of business and thought it would be a great way to finish off the week.

Those at Make the Logo Bigger (where I found this great video) summarized the message perfectly:

“Business > creativity > business > creativity…”

Watch and enjoy …

Pure WOM marketing or just child’s play?

At exactly 2 p.m. on Sunday, September 28, 2008, hundreds gathered in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan, pillows in-hand and ready to battle.

One local news station reported the number of “pillow toting Facebook enthusiasts” to be over one thousand, making this brawl “one of the largest pillow fights ever.”

From West Michigan’s WZZM 13:

“It just started with me inviting about 100 people to the event on Facebook. It was originally just for a few friends and then it just exploded,” said Rob Bliss who organized the event.

Participants squared off in teams based on the color of their shirts. And then the drama started to build.

The clocked ticked down as the theme song from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly western blared from speakers.

“Then at 2 o’clock I blew my horn and I almost died basically,” said Bliss.

That was when the sea of colors swarmed the middle of the circle, and people started smacking anyone in their path with pillows.

“It was just epic. There were so many people and everyone was attacking every one and half the time you were hitting your own team by accident because they were getting in the way,” said Rick Waldmiller a member of the Black team. “I tried to bring the biggest firmest pillow I could find and work with all my Reds and it worked because I hit a Blue so hard his face paint came off,” said Mary Brandt pointing to the blue stain on her pillow.

Take a look at some video of the massive pillow fight.

With enough buzz, this week’s event in Grand Rapids just goes to show how effective word of mouth can be, especially when social media gets involved.

What do you think … was this public pillow fight word of mouth marketing at its best, or just a few hundred midwest kids having fun?

Friday business humor: Office Nerf war

It’s 4:30 p.m. on Friday. What do you do?

Start an office Nerf war, of course!