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Are B2B marketers ready for mobile web marketing?

It’s definitely something they should consider, according to Doug Kessler of Velocity Partners, in a recent post on the topic at B2B Marketing Online.

We’ve been chatting about the power of mobile marketing for some time now, but for many B2C brands and companies, 2008 was really the year to break into mobile marketing, Doug says.

With faster networks, advanced devices with browsing capabilities and flat-rate data plans, mobile web marketing has been gaining tremendous ground.

“It’s not surprising that marketers are excited by all this. There are nearly four billion mobile devices in the world and each one spends all day, every day with its owner. This isn’t just a new medium, it’s a potential juggernaut that could one day dwarf the desktop web.”

He predicts that every B2B company will have a presence on the mobile web with at least one mobile website. Check out his five principles of positive mobile web experiences that have developed from early successes using the medium.

If you’re looking to put your business on the mobile map, you should also read this free eBook: Marketing your small business on the mobile Web. mobiThinking released the eBook last month, explaining how any business can and should get started on the mobile web.

Whether you’re marketing training products or software, mobile marketing is something you should seriously consider and start learning about now before finding out you’re lagging behind the curve.

Marketing your business on the mobile Web

Marketing your business on the mobile Web