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Niche searchers: When it’s OK to be #2

It’s believed that if your Web pages are not listed on the first page of search engine results that your business is virtually invisible on the Internet. But, the latest research from Marketing Sherpa explored one large exception to that rule – niche searchers.

Examining the behavior of niche searchers, the Sherpas narrowed their research to a group of industrial engineers who regularly click through to the second page or deeper of search engine results to find information.

This specific group of niche searchers dig “significantly” deeper than general searchers and sometimes expect that the information they’re looking for will not appear on the first page. “The same applies to other highly-specific searchers,” according to Marketing Sherpa.

“Just because these searcher are willing to keep looking doesn’t mean they won’t happily click on an earlier result if it’s relevant. Using the long-phrase searches found in your log files can give you insight into how to optimize. Even if these highly specific pages only get a few clicks per month, chances are good that those clicks will be very valuable for companies with high price points.”

The takeaway: Improve search engine optimization on pages in your website that appeal to niche searchers. Even though your pages aren’t making it to the first page of results, a niche searcher will work harder to find exactly what they’re looking for.

This research is great news for all of the training marketers out there discouraged by poor search engine rankings. Keep optimizing so training professionals can find your pages. If they’re determined and their search is specific enough, they’ll dig well past the second page of results.

Niche searchers dig deeper on the Web

Niche searchers dig deeper on the Web