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Using Facebook for business free ebook

How to use Facebook for business

How to use Facebook for business

Ellie Mirman of Hubspot created a fantastic new (and free!) ebook on the ins and outs of using Facebook for business.

“The ebook includes everything you need to know to get started using Facebook to reach and engage more potential buyers online.”

What you’ll find inside the free 22-page ebook:

  • How to use Facebook’s ad builder to identify prospects already on the social media network.
  • How to get the best ROI from Facbook ads
  • How to maximize your brand’s exposure to fans and their networks on Facebook
  • How to use Facebook’s built-in analytics to measure visitor engagement

Download the ebook today, it’s more than worth it.

If the Pope can 2.0, so can you



Think your company is too top-down, too conservative or too traditional to get involved in social media? Think again.

You’re never too anything to get involved in the conversation.

Seriously, if the Pope can do it, so can you. On the Pope’s new web site (http://pope2you.net), visitors can connect with other followers using his Facebook application, wiki, iPhone app and even the Vatican’s YouTube channel.

Get out there and answer the social phone, because your customers are talking about you whether you like it or not.

(Thanks to Workplace Learning Today for bringing it to our attention.)

New (and free) social media marketing e-book

Brink: A Social Media Guide from the Edge

Brink: A Social Media Guide from the Edge

I came across a great e-book recently that I had to pass along, Brink: A Social Media Guide from the Edge.

It covers the past five years of “best thinking” and explains how “we are poised on the “brink” of amazing change.” Social media has made its mark on marketing and is here to stay.

Whether you’re a traditional marketer exploring opportunities in social media for your company or a “Social Media Smarty-pants,” you’re going to get something valuable out of reading this e-book.

It’s short (under 40 pages), full of some great ideas, endorsed by a couple of big players in the social media scene and it’s free.

The author: Todd Defren, blogger and principal at SHIFT Communications PR agency. He’s credited with “inventing” the Social Media News Release and the Social Media Newsroom. Basically, he knows his stuff.

You can read more at PR Squared or download the e-book now.