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Who says B2B videos have to be boring?

There’s been a debate going around recently that business to business marketing has no place in social media. For everyone who questions whether B2B viral videos can be successful, we’ve found another example of how they can.

Since Cisco posted this video on January 29, it has had more than 140,000 views. Find out how you can show your love through Cisco in this funny B2B marketing video:

Fun with B2B marketing videos. Yes, fun.

When you start talking about B2B marketing videos, many people stop listening. In the past, B2B viral videos were cheesy and a mediocre attempt at getting the same kind of attention B2C videos would typically get.

But today, marketers are getting more creative and exploring the opportunities for innovation that video marketing presents. Though it does have its challenges, B2B marketing videos can be successful, effective and even funny.

Recently we came across a set of videos from Vital Smarts that clearly demonstrate how it can be done. Below is just one video to take notes on, but we suggest you check out their full collection for some interesting B2B marketing ideas.

B2B viral videos done right: Watch it shred

SSI Shredding Systems is a business to business company that sells giant industrial shredders that destroy just about anything. The company has created a successful online video campaign by posting footage of their product in action.

Some challenge that these videos predate the popular “Will It Blend” videos, making SSI the first creative mastermind behind the destructive viral videos.

So, we ask: Will it shred?

Watch and find out:

2009 marketing trends: Online video

Marketers in the U.S. will be spending more time and money on online video this year than ever before, according to a December survey by PermissionTV. More than two-thirds of survey respondents said they would focus their budgets on online video this year.

Online video tops 2009 marketing trends

Online video tops 2009 marketing trends

Additionally, more than one-half of respondents expect to implement or extend an online video project in the second quarter of 2009.

eMarketer estimates that in the next four years marketers’ spending on online video advertising will reach $4.6 billion, more than seven times the amount spent in 2008.

The reason for the jump in spending – audience. eMarketer projects that more than four out of five Internet users will watch online video ads in 2012, up from the two-thirds of people who did so in 2008.

If you’re one of those marketers planning to focus more of your budget on online video, check out some of our top related posts to help you get started: