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What does viral marketing look like?

When mixing marketing and social media you never really know what you’re going to get. The response look like just another drop in the ocean or as overwhelming as a tsunami.

I came across the video below at Jason Keath’s blog, the evolution of media, in a post that compared dancing to viral marketing. How does a dancing man at a concert relate to viral marketing? Well, you’ll just have to watch to find out.

Keath sums it up perfectly in his post:

The lesson? Be remarkable and passionate about what you do. If it is genuine, others will watch, some will join in, and the movement will grow.

Friday fun: Turkey Bowl 2008

Do you know what year the first Thanksgiving feast was held? Or, how fast a turkey can fly?

Then test your Thanksgiving knowledge in the Turkey Bowl 2008, the latest game from C3 Visuals. If you manage to pull in a top score, you’ll be entered to win BRAVO!, a new software package that helps you create engaging training games and presentations.

Online games like C3 Visuals’ Turkey Bowl, have the potential to go viral and create exciting online buzz about your company or new product release. A game like this is also a great way to harvest names and e-mails, especially when players want the notoriety of a top score.

For more training quiz shows or to learn how to make your own visit the C3 Visuals profile at TrainingTime.com.

Have fun and happy Friday!

Turkey Bowl 2008

Turkey Bowl 2008